We MUST Get Them to SAFETY

Donate to FOUR PAWS next animal rescue mission

Your support is crucial to rescue these innocent animals from cruel captivity.

We MUST Get Them to SAFETY

Donate to FOUR PAWS next animal rescue mission

Your support is crucial to rescue these innocent animals from cruel captivity.

Rescue innocent animals

FOUR PAWS rescues wild and endangered animals from cruelty and exploitation.

Missions need to be planned with expert precision, they can be dangerous, difficult and time critical.

When animals are in crisis, we go where we’re needed. We break them out and get them to safety before it’s too late.

We must be ready to rescue at any moment and you can be a part of it.

STOP animal cruelty today

Right now, there are suffering animals desperate for a better life.

Time is critical. We urgently need your help to get them to safety. Please donate today to help fund our animal rescue missions.

Every minute that passes, the sad reality is that an animal suffers longer in horrendous conditions.

Help us raise $50,000 so our critical animal rescue missions can continue across the globe.

With the support of generous people like you, we can provide them with the life that they deserve.

Can you help fund our next Animal Rescue Mission?

FOUR PAWS rescues animals from unbearable cruelty.

We operate a highly skilled rescue unit who can act fast to get innocent animals out of the
terrible places they’re in.

Our team of expert rescue workers and veterinarians are trained specially for these
important missions.

FOUR PAWS runs animal rescue missions all over the world to free animals from cruelty
and exploitation. Together we can:

• Rescue bears from inhumane bile farms
• Save tigers from illegal breeding conditions
• Release orangutans from exploitation
• Help dogs and cats escape the cruel meat trade

We need your help to fund our next animal rescue mission.

Tiger rescue in Argentina

FOUR PAWS recently rescued two rare Bengal tigers, but there are still so many vulnerable animals who need their suffering to end.

Earlier this year in Argentina, we rescued tigers Charly and Fangio, from a life of misery.

Trapped for years in tiny cages without enough food, they were unable to jump, run or play. They were forced to breed on the tiger farm so their captors could sell their cubs to online buyers around the world. It was a bleak existence.
But thanks to a successful FOUR PAWS rescue mission, Charly and Fangio were removed and taken to safety.

This rescue was only made possible by kind humans like you.

There are many more vulnerable animals who urgently need our help.
More rescues are being planned as you read this.

With your support we can stop animals suffering. Will you donate to rescue them from cruelty?

FOUR PAWS needs you

Animals are sentient beings just like us. They know joy, build bonds, and learn skills to survive.
Sadly, this also means they experience pain and distress and hopelessness.

Mistreated, drugged, forced to perform, confined to small, barren cages and often fed far too little.

This is not the life a magnificent animal deserves.

When you donate to FOUR PAWS, your support makes our critical animal rescue missions,
planning and extractions possible.

Donate $47

Our teams locate and monitor animals in cruel captivity, then plan a rescue mission to break them out.

Donate $75

FOUR PAWS has wild animal vets to provide immediate and ongoing medical care.

Donate $99

We operate 13 species-appropriate sanctuaries where rescued animals receive expert care and live the rest of their days in safety.


Every dollar helps FOUR PAWS rescue more animals from cruelty and exploitation.

We must be Rescue Mission Ready

Every day that passes means another day of suffering, terror and pain for animals across the globe, who are held in terrible, sometimes illegal conditions.

We need you to join our animal rescue mission.

Your support is crucial to rescue these innocent animals from cruel captivity.

Photo credits: caged bear © Hoang Le | FOUR PAWS, caged tiger © Al Ma’wa | FOUR PAWS, bear with paw out of cage @ Svetlana Dmitrenko, vets examining lion © FOUR PAWS | Atif Saad, puppy © Nickie Mariager-Lam, staff patting caged dog © Aaron Gekoski